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Akita Hallysium Sockit Tumi


Baby In Show - Belgrave & Dist. - Judge: Mr.Thompson (Vic)

Reserve Ch. - Melbourne Royal - Judge: Mrs. Bivin (USA)

Puppy InGroup - Bendigo & Dist. - Judge: Mrs.L.Schelling (Vic)

Puppy In Group - Sunbury & Dist - Judge: Mr. F. Keys (Vic)

Minor In Group - Lilydale Kennel - Judge: Mr.T.Fitzgerald (Vic)

Puppy In Group - Morwell & Dist. - Judge: Mrs O'Connor (Irld)

Puppy In Group - Cranbourne Dog - Judge: Mr.D. Harris (Ireland)

Puppy In Group - Healesville &Dist - Judge: M.Hjenquist (Sweden)

Opp Exh.InGroup - Berwick & Dist - Judge: Mrs.J.Kinsman (Vic)

Junior In Group - Yarra Glen - Judge: Mr.W. Wenker (Vic)

Challenge Dog - SYDNEY ROYAL - Judge: Mr.P.Dondina (Italy)

Opp Exh.In Show - Non Sporting Show - Judge: Mr.Milward (Vic)


OPP. IN GROUP - Caulfield & Dist.- Judge: Mrs. Marshall

BEST EXHIBIT - Box Hill & Dist - Judge: Mrs.Bruce (NSW)

OPP.IN GROUP - Frankston Show - Judge: Mr.Greer (NZ)

OPP. IN SHOW - Utility Dog Club - Judge: Mrs.C.Rice (Vic)

BEST IN GROUP - Aust.Day Internat. - Judge: Dr.Lunn (USA)

Open Dog - SYDNEY ROYAL - Judge: Mr.Van ?

BEST OF BREED - MELB. ROYAL - Judge: Mr.Nutbeem (CAN)

OPP.EXHIBIT - AKITA Champ.(VIC) - Judge: Mr.H. Spira (NSW)

Tumi started his obedience training at 14 months and gained his first pass to CD at the Wallan trial on 10th October, 1987 with a score of 183. His second pass came the next month with a score of 182, and his last pass and CD title with a score of 190

His 1st Open pass came on 17th July,1988 with a score of 191 and his second with a score of 175. His third was at the end of 1988 with 182 points for his CDX. title.

Tumi then went up to West.Aust. to Phil Thompson and continued to be successful in the show ring, producing some excellent show Akitas for Phil.

Akita Hallysium Sockit Tumi
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